Careless mistakes made by some accountants throughout the UK (which means from Guildford Accountancy Firms in the South, to Carlisle in the North and beyond)  are allegedly causing problems and harming small businesses.

Large parts of the accountancy profession are costing clients a huge £1.8bn in poor advice. The entire accounting profession has to sit up and do something about this as a matter of urgency.

In a surprising private survey, figures collected by Wickersham and Pipe seemingly evidence accountants making mistakes with 40% of the 4.5m private sector businesses in the UK, therefore affecting 1.8m clients. We are unaware whether this report is mirrored by IACEW research which is one of the leading accounting authorities here in the UK.

If this research is typical of the UK, the data supports the innovative activities such as that of Accountant Now, the free service to start ups, as well as small and medium sized enterprises in the UK, with its assistance in helping SMEs find the right accountant is one of the critical success factors in business success. Accountant Now also benefits accountants by helping them find the right kind of clients with significant savings in time and inconvenience.

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